Numbers never lie

Blenko Glass: 0 to $347k from email in less than 3 months

Blenko Glass has been the biggest name in glass for well over a century. Their excellent hand-blown glass products are a symbol of true craftsmanship and got this family-owned West Virginia business to be recognized all over the world. The team has reached to us to help them migrate their email marketing channel from Mailchimp to Klaviyo. Here's what we were able to achieve...


Revenue Added


Email Attributed Revenue


ROI on email channel

FANMIO Crushed the main PPV event of the year

With 15 major world championships under his belt, the undefeated Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather stepped back into the ring for an exhibition fight against internet sensation, Logan Paul. When the guys at Fanmio asked us to help them sell more PPVs for the biggest event of 2021, the clock was already ticking. Here's how it went.


ROI on Email Channel


Average Click Rate


Increase in list size

$153k+/mo added for a pop-culture fashion brand

This popping fashion brand is selling dope, high-quality fashion products that stand out. With the thousands of happy (and hungry) customers they had on their list, all we had to do was to create the connection.


Added to monthly email revenue


Of Revenue Generated through Klaviyo


Monthly ROI from Email Channel

Scaling SMS channel from scratch to $200k/mo

This luxury accessories brand sells high-end, pricy items which require a bit of consideration before any purchase. Heavy nurturing is required, and multichannel interaction with the customers is a must. The client gave us a general instruction which was basically: “Let’s try SMS and see how it's going”. So Here's how it went.


Increase in monthly SMS revenue


Return on SMS channel


More revenue from SMS