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Who they are?

A fast growing DTC Men’s fashion brand with a line of pop-culture inspired clothes and accessories.

They’ve managed to build a solid community around their high quality items, and their happy customers were ready to buy again, they were just waiting for the right offers to come.

This brand was already doing really well with FB ads and Instagram influencers, so they had solid traffic and acquisition channels working and feeding their store with lucrative traffic.

All we had to do was to plug-in our proven methods, convert more of their website abandoners, and monetize their existing customer list.

Results naturally came in right off the bat.

Klaviyo Results Snapshot:

How we did it?

  • We worked closely with the founders to create solid copy & design guidelines so we can establish a consistent, remarkable brand’s voice.

  • We created our proven core-flows structure with automations that convert new subscribers into paying customers, and bring back abandoners from literally any stage of the funnel (checkout, cart, product browsers, website visitors) and help them to complete their purchase.

    This allowed the brand to squeeze the most out of their existing traffic, so they were actually able to afford higher CPAs and scale.

  • Our lead marketers joined forces and created a solid marketing calendar with regular campaigns that hit their hungry audience with the right offers at the right time. We were then able to establish a solid campaign regularity which led to a 58% increase in campaign revenue.

Recent Campaign Performance Sample:

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