Blenko Glass: 0 to $347k from email in less than 3 months


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Our work with Blenko started with a small migration of their email marketing channel from Mailchimp to Klaviyo.

But when we checked their Mailchimp account for the first time, we saw the opportunities right away:

- An amazing set of products.

- An extremely loyal audience.

-  Beautiful pieces of content, copy, and imagery - pretty much ready to use.

In general,  all the ingredients for outstanding results were already there.

However, on the technical & more strategic side, we saw -

- Only a few basic automation running.

- Email metrics weren't tracked and were underutilized.

- Campaigns were underutilized as well

Strategy & Tactics

Stage 1 - The migration from Mailchimp to Klaviyo

The first thing to do was to migrate all the customer list from Mailchimp to Klaviyo,and transfer all engagement data well.
That way, we preserved info like email opens and clicks and use it for segmentation, without starting entirely from scratch.

After validating that we extracted all the info that we needed, it was time to continue the actual work.

Stage 2 - Account structure & flows creation

In the first month, we started with creating the main core flows. It included a welcome flow and some core retargeting flows that improved the customer experience and helped to maximize the results from their existing traffic.

The flows allowed us to tell the unique origin story of the brand, introduce some main products and showcase some kicker reviews.

From the 2nd month, we added other core flows and also started focusing more on unique customer experiences.

We created VIP-exclusive journeys, a full-scale loyalty program (using Yotpo) and always kept the customers in mind.

Customer birthday email example

Stage 3 - Campaign calendar

After having a solid backend, it was time to start sending campaigns and actively engaging with the audience.

First - we cleaned the list from unengaged subscribers, and started segmenting and identifying the most engaged customers (improving deliverability,email engagement metrics and cutting the Klaviyo bill).

Then we started with sending 1-2 campaigns per week.
As I mentioned, we were provided with great pieces of content, and together with our segmentation tactics and content strategy, We were able to create a set of campaigns that people were actually excited to receive.

It allowed us to average an open rate of above 40% and click rate of above 2.4%.

sample of campaign metrics

The Results

Within the first 2-3 weeks of working together, top line revenue and email revenue started to climb.

By the end of the 3rd month, Blenko were already doing:

Over $347k of additional accumulated revenue ($177,262 from campaigns, $170,573 from flows)

57% of their monthly online sales from emails.

18x return on email channel total spend.

Klaviyo Overview (the red arrow is when we started working together)

In addition to the revenue impact, in the following months they have also:

Acquired 23,000 new subscribers, launched an extremely successful loyalty program and built an actual relationship with thousands of customers.

Email is probably the most effective channels to do this, and still too many brands can’t fully utilize it because they simply have no idea which levers to pull.

What They Say

Here are a few words about the work with us from Bryson:

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