FANMIO Crushed the main PPV event of the year


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Average Click Rate


Increase in list size

Who they are:

Fanmio is a unique, fun-fueled platform selling online in-person celebrity meets & greets alongside hosting some of the world’s most sensational events.
They were flooded with work for the top-selling PPV of 2021 - the exhibition boxing fight between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul. They contacted us on a short notice (15 days only) to help them squeeze the most out of their list which was relatively small before the event.

What we did?

  • We sent a sequence of our strategized pre-launch campaigns in order to build a massive hype around the event.

  • We used advanced segmentation techniques which allowed us to send 3 emails on the product launch date while keeping the audience super engaged, and to consistently increase the revenue per email with each email sent.

  • We tested our pre-vetted different type of incentives including additional items with purchase, multipacks and wisely used countdown timers, which allowed us to sell more without giving away any discounts.

  • We followed up with a post-launch email, offering complimentary merch and premium access to future events, generating immediate revenue while building anticipation for the future.

Email design example

Here's how it went:

(revenue and recepient info are blurred due to confidentiality reasons)

Here are a few words about the work with us from Aaron, one of the founders of Fanmio:

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