Scaling SMS channel from scratch to $200k/mo


Increase in monthly SMS revenue


Return on SMS channel


More revenue from SMS

Who they are?

8-figure high-end Jewelry brand based in the U.S.
They have a line of relatively expensive items, mostly targeting young women, and an AOV of above $2k USD.

The 2 months before working with us (March-April 2022):

The 2 months after working with us (May-June 2022):

How we did it?

We started working with the client on their SMSBump account. As Yotpo official partners, we were able to take over their account and use our best practices to yield results from the first week. (+ get them custom pricing from Yotpo which is was huge saving in the long run).

The foundation

Growing their list  

- We’ve added a 2nd stage to their popup where we incentivized visitors to subscribe for text messages

- We also set up subscriber collection properly through their Shopify checkout.

- Last but not least, we made sure that their list is spam-compliant in all regions.

Setting up basic flows & automation:

The client gave us a general instruction which was basically: “Let’s try SMS and see how it's going, try to make the most rev possible out of it”.

So we started with the basics:

- Checkout abandonment automation

-Welcome sequence automation

And when a brand is doing such a fantastic job in its front end, the back end naturally grows.
After the initial setup of the basic flows, we started creating flows based on user interactions (viewed product, upsell/cross-sell) and A/B tested multiple offers to make sure everything is well optimized.


The next stage was adding some campaign juice to the mixture.
We initially started with complimentary campaigns to enhance the promos that were offered in the emails, and gradually added SMS exclusive campaigns to highly engaged SMS users.

Transition to Attentive:

For internal reasons, the client wanted to switch their SMS marketing platform from SMSBump to Attentive.
With the help of our partners from Attentive, we were able to complete the switch in less than a week.

With Attentive, we improved the sign-up units, and added a bunch of tailor-made flows.
Here’s a snapshot of how it’s going so far (Job in progress):

With our proven and tailor-made strategy, we were able to generate this client above $500k USD year-to-date and counting, creating an additional, reliable, and self-owned revenue stream.

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